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Casey Key Real Estate

Sometimes referred to as Sarasota’s “hidden” jewel or “secret enclave,” Casey Key is 8 miles of isolated and exclusive property located just south of Sarasota and Siesta Key. There are approximately 400 residences which compose Casey Key real estate, a mix of quaint beach cottages, a few small motels and some of the area’s most luxurious private estate mansions. Sarasota real estate is highly desirable on the island of Casey Key.

Casey Key History

Originally called Chaise’s Key, in 1856 an Army Captain named John Charles Casey was sent to survey and map the key and to move the few remaining Indians still living there. Subsequent maps called the island “Casey Key,” and the name has stuck.

Location of Casey Key

The key is traversed by one road, running south from Blackburn Point Bridge to the North Jetty Park (at the south end of the island). The drive is pleasant as it winds through some dense foliage hiding the massive homes facing the Gulf of Mexico. Every few 100 feet, you may get a glimpse of the beach, or of a gated home, or even author Steven King, one the island famous winter residents. Enjoy luxury homes in Sarasota, Florida.

Homes on Casey Key

Casey Key real estate is strictly residential. Types of properties available on Casey Key include beachfront, bayfront and non-waterfront. Waterfront homes of Casey Key real estate include beachfront, bay front and bayou properties. Homes extend from the Gulf of Mexico to Blackburn Bay. This allows homeowners to enjoy both the beach and the bay. The architectural style of homes found in Casey Key real estate are Old Florida, Spanish-Mediterranean, Key West and Modern. A total of over 500 residences exist on the island along with beachfront motels and low density condominiums. Casey Key real estate maintains its charm by forbidding large high rise condominiums to be built on the island.